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Wyoming Volleyball Registration Now Open

By Wyoming Volleyball 02/20/2021, 7:15pm MST

Register Now For The 2021 Season

The Wyoming Volleyball 2021 season registration is now open.  Tournaments are opening their registration as well.  First up Gillette - Razor City Rage.  Razor City reports the below:

We have CCHS, Sage Valley and Twin Spruce.  (Still waiting to hear on Wright HS.)  We have 9 courts total and can only allow 4 teams per day per court.  Athletic Directors have told us that we will have a set match time format that will allow for cleaning in between matches.  So we will do pool play all day.  Therefore our availability will be pretty limited.  We will have clubs email us what teams they want to play.   Please have teams email to register!  Invoices will be sent out right after the tournament.
Please register your team with WYSA Wyoming Volleyball prior to registering for tournaments.
See our web page and the 2021 tournament calendar for further updates.


2021 Season Annual Meeting - November 8, 6pm

By Wyoming Volleyball 11/07/2020, 4:45pm MST

Join us for a web meeting

Every club/team is welcome to have a representative to join us for the annual meeting.  This year, the annual meeting will be google meets. 


The meeting is on Sunday, November 8, 2020, at 6pm. 


The web meeting link is:

2020 Season Cancellation and 2021 Season

By Wyoming Volleyball 10/07/2020, 6:45pm MDT

Planning for the 2021 Season

Volleyball Players, Parents, Coaches, and Directors,


A quick summary of the 2020 season; Wyoming Volleyball, clubs, teams, and many tournament hosts were 100% ready to proceed with the season when Covid-19 struck and we all were forced to cancel the season. Money had been paid for gyms, for insurance,  to AAU, to coaches, ect.  It was quickly apparent financial loses were going to hit all of us.  Wyoming Volleyball chose to refund the WYSA fee imposed to every registered Wyoming team, with AAU National reimbursing nothing.  Reimbursements, and lack thereof, obviously have a trickle down effect.  I apologize to and sympathize with all that lost out financially on the 2020 season.


As we move forward with a 2021 season, we are aware of the financial concerns encountered in the 2020 season. Several measures are being explored, but the first most obvious measure is a delay in money collection and money expenditures, by the state, for the 2021 season.  Team registration will be delayed as to not collect money prematurely.  Watching out for the organization's finances, gym insurance payment has also been delayed.   However, please check the Wyoming Volleyball web page to be sure you gym is listed on the Gym List page for insurance coverage.  Wyoming Volleyball will be moving ahead with other measures to prepare for the season, with the ability to quickly pull back or move ahead with the season.


Thank you all for patience and we will update you with further season preparation plans soon.


Ryan Cox


By WYSA 12/16/2018, 11:45am MST

WYSA members can now advertise their camps and clinics statewide.

Find Wyoming Camps and Clinics.


Visit the new WYSA Camps and Clinics page to find Wyoming camps and clinics.  


WYSA members can now advertise their camps and clinics statewide.  Hosts can easily register their camp or clinic for immediate publication onto the WYSA web page.


WYSA Launches a Facebook Page

By WYSA 11/24/2018, 9:30am MST

Wyoming Youth Sports Association has launched a Facebook Page.   In efforts to facilitate better communication around the state, WYSA created the Wyoming Volleyball Facebook page. Share events with Wyoming Volleyball and watch for future Wyoming Volleyball information via Facebook.