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Statewide Public Health Orders through April 17

By Wyoming Volleyball 03/27/2020, 1:45pm MDT

Governor, State Health Officer extend Statewide Public Health Orders through April 17


CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Governor Mark Gordon and State Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist have extended the three existing statewide health orders through April 17 to slow community transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect lives.

Current orders closing public places including schools, prohibiting gatherings of 10 people or more in a single room or confined space (including outdoors) and closing bars, restaurants, coffee shops and some personal services businesses will continue through April 17. Food establishments can continue to provide take out and delivery services.

“I have extended these orders in consultation with Dr. Harrist,” Governor Gordon said. “Because we’ve seen cases identified in additional counties and growth in the case numbers, it’s clear how important it is for us to take sustained action. 
I understand the ongoing strain that these measures are having on businesses, workers and Wyoming communities. But it is imperative that our citizens respond to this public health crisis by staying home whenever possible and practicing proper social distancing when they must go out. This is how we can save lives and protect people’s health.”

Dr. Harrist emphasized the extension of the current orders is necessary because it takes time for social distancing measures to effectively slow the spread of COVID-19 and to monitor the impacts of those measures on the outbreak in Wyoming.

“The best tool we have to reduce the potential burden on our healthcare system and save lives is for all of us to limit our contact with other people as much as possible,” Dr. Harrist said. “Of course it is most important for people who are ill to stay home unless they need medical attention.”

The Governor is in continuous communication with Wyoming Department of Health officials and is prepared to issue updated guidance– including further statewide orders– should conditions warrant.

As of March 27, the Wyoming Department of Health is reporting 70 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in 13 Wyoming counties.

Additional COVID-19 resources are available at the state of Wyoming's COVID-19 website,



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Tournaments Suspended Through April 15

By Wyoming Volleyball 03/27/2020, 9:30am MDT

AAU National Update

March 25, 2020 (4:00 pm) - The health and well-being of athletes, coaches, and their families is always the AAU’s top priority.   Along with the rest of the world, we have continued to closely monitor the developing COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) situation.  

After reviewing the latest CDC guidelines and in consultation with local officials, the AAU has decided to extend the temporary suspension of licensed AAU events through April 15th. This is a decision that the AAU organization did not make lightly but one we strongly feel is in the best interest of everyone involved in AAU events.
These are unprecedented times that have called for unprecedented measures.  Nonetheless, we know this is the right decision. We must continue to do our part to keep our communities safe and healthy until such a time that we resume AAU event programing.  It is truly our hope that we can get back to running AAU events in the very near future after this extension. We will continue to consult with local officials and health experts to ensure that the safety of AAU athletes, coaches, and their families is not compromised.
Since 1888, the AAU has been the industry leader in the amateur sports marketplace. Moving forward, we remain committed to providing the very best athletic opportunities to all who play AAU sports and will continue to provide updates as additional information becomes available. Thank you for your continued participation in AAU.

Coronavirus Update - 3/14/20

By Wyoming Volleyball 03/14/2020, 8:45am MDT

Wyoming Volleyball Association Members - WYSA,


The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected us all severely.  We sympathize with all our volleyball members and appreciate the understanding.   From the state level, I also greatly sympathize with all the tournament directors that have organized dates, obtained gyms, collected money, paid money, and done all the tremendous amount of work it takes to get a tournament off the ground.  Those tournament directors are dealing with great challenges when cancelling events....something we have never had to do before.  


On Thursday, we faced the very difficult decision to canceling  the first tournament of the year, Riverton.  Ultimately our difficult decision was futile, as AAU suspended the licenses for all events for a three week period, however it also provided assurance that Wyoming was on the right track.


AAU National is overwhelmed with this issue, hence, Wyoming has had limited correspondence and we are seeking to provide the best answers to the Coronavirus issues.  We have also been in contact with neighboring state directors who are facing the same challenges and questions we are.


AAU National has issued the below statement:

The AAU is temporarily suspending all AAU events, for the next 3 weeks

March 12, 2020 (6:30 pm) -  In light of the ongoing developments as a result of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”),  the AAU is temporarily suspending all AAU events, for the next 3 weeks, effective immediately.  The AAU’s first priority is the safety and welfare of all of our athletes, coaches and families.  The AAU will continue to monitor the situation on a national, regional, state and local level.  We will keep all of our AAU members updated as the situation evolves.
What we know:
  • As it stands, only tournaments are suspended. Although they did not give a date, it would be assumed the April 4/April 5 tournament is a NOT suspended.  See further AAU advisories here.
  • The intent of suspending all large gathering events is to attempt to get ahead of a rapid spread of the decease, allowing time for healthcare to treat those that are sick and HOPE for/work to obtain an antivirus.  Coronavirus has seen a spread of 13 fold for every two week period, with these measures in place to slow that spread.
  • AAU is following government advisories and is in step with all other public gathering events.
  • When tournaments resume, cautions should be used.  No person should attend a tournament if they are feeling Coronavirus symptoms, hand washing should be often, physical contact should be avoided when possible, elderly should use the greatest caution when considering attendance.
  • Practices can continue, for the time, and with all the preventive cautions prescribed.
  • Wyoming has two confirmed Coronavirus cases, but neighboring Colorado has seen the daily progress of known cases from 12 to 33 to 48 to 77 known cases, starting just this week. 

What we don't know:

  • How long will the virus continue?
  • Will there be further suspension?
  • Can we petition AAU National IF Wyoming cases are plateaued?  (I am told possibly)
  • Refunds?
  • Can volleyball clubs/teams garner any small business financial assistance from the declared state of emergency?

Finally, WYSA/Wyoming Volleyball will attempt to provide the most up to date information on the following pages:

Wyoming Volleyball - WYSA Web Page

Tournament Schedule

By Wyoming Volleyball 02/27/2020, 9:00pm MST

See Our Great Line-Up of Tournaments

March 14

March 15

March 21
Buffalo Blackouts

March 22
Buffalo Blackouts

March 28
Douglas VB, Douglas WY
PRVC Gillette

March 29
Douglas VB, Douglas WY
PRVC Gillette

April 4
Never Flinch Sheridan Volleyball Club

April 5
Never Flinch Sheridan Volleyball Club

April 11 -12

April 18
Cloud Peak Grand Prix

April 19
Cloud Peak Grand Prix

April 25
Wyoming Grand Prix - GCVC Casper

April 26
Wyoming Grand Prix - GCVC Casper

May 2
BEAST - Cheyenne

May 3
BEAST - Cheyenne

May 9
#ADPT - Casper
Cloud Peak - Sheridan

May 10
#ADPT - Casper
Cloud Peak - Sheridan

May 16
Wyoming Super Regional ECVC Casper

May 17
Wyoming Super Regional ECVC Casper

2020 Wyoming Tournaments

By Wyoming Volleyball 02/22/2020, 5:45pm MST

The Wyoming Tournament schedule is progressing. Find the latest on all Wyoming Tournaments by clicking here.


Links within the document will take users to the individual tournaments.  This will be updated as tournament hosts open up their registrations.


Some things to know about Wyoming Tournaments from the state meeting:

Wyoming Tournaments


Tournament Fee


VOTE: For the 2020 season, it was voted the tournament fee will be $90 for all tournaments except; $100 for Grand Prix (Cloud Peak and GCVC) and $150/$100 for Super Regional (ECVC).  Grand Prixs will have no referees.  Super Regional will have referees for 12a, 14a, 16, 18 at a cost of $150 and 10, 12b, and 14b will have no referees at the cost of $100.

Any additional fees, such as gate entry fees will be advertised and notice will be provided to WYSA.

Tournament Schedule - 2020

It is a goal of WYSA to promote a tournament environment that offers ample competition among a variety of teams.

WYSA recognizes that Wyoming does not currently draw enough teams to effectively hold more than two tournaments on any given day.

Concerns have been raised that even with just two tournaments per day, competition is at times not effectively split to allow the best for Wyoming players. 

Competition to host a tournament has increased. In the best interest of Wyoming Volleyball players, the below procedures are set.

WYSA maintains a list of Tournament Host Club contact information and has that information available on the WYSA web page.  By August 1 of each year, it is the responsibility of each WYSA Tournament Host Club to update the WYSA Director of their correct contact information.

Starting in August, the WYSA Director will solicit tournament requests.

Clubs may initially vie for one “Location 1” tournament (consisting of one or two days of play on a set weekend), AND one “Location 2” tournament (consisting of one or two days of play on a set weekend).

Each tournament host may enter their tournament in alternate weekend positions.

Host clubs:

Will advise WYSA of any additional fees entailed at their tournament.

Will assure proper resources to run the tournament and limit over extending their tournament to the detriment of the players.

Should coordinate with other clubs to host in geographically different areas of the state.

Should coordinate with other clubs to split age divisions on two day tournaments - eg: If one club would host 10 and 12’s, the other club would host 14, 16, and 18’s on Saturday, then swap age divisions on Sunday.  

Should evaluate the need to limit the number of attending teams. There will be about 140 to 150 Wyoming teams, limiting each tournament to 70 teams would give a fair split, rather than a 110 and 40 split.

Should determine and advertise how they want to take registrations.

A “Tournament Team Roster Form” found on the state website under Resources, can be used.

The WYSA Board will be responsible for vetting and the sanctioning of WYSA tournaments. 

Clubs may write to the board expressing their host qualifications and special circumstances.

WYSA will sanction tournaments based on, but not limited to,  suggestions made by the Association members at the annual meeting, past tournament host performance, past tournament complaints, tournament host resources, tournament host plans, and ultimately what is best for the players.

WYSA will pay for AAU sanctioning of the tournament series, two Grand Prix events and one Super Regional event.  The host club will pay any late event fees incurred.

WYSA will advertise all sanctioned tournaments.

Wyoming will strive to hold one conclusion tournament representing as many teams as possible.

WYSA does not prohibit clubs from hosting tournaments independent of WYSA. 

VOTE: The WYSA Tournament Season will start on March 14 and conclude on May 17.

The completed schedule is still being completed.


Tournament Operation

Teams will not be able to register for Wyoming WYSA tournaments until registered and paid with WYSA.  Once registered, the WYSA registration number is posted on the WYSA web page. 


Ranking will be expanded and tournament directors are strongly encouraged to enter results.  

Out of State teams can be asked for a win/loss record but it is encouraged to place out of state teams in A Divisions based upon prior years of quality abilities by out of state teams.

Tournament operation is the responsibility of the tournament host.

Sunday Play

VOTE: WYSA will not impede on Sunday play.

Power play, waives, play to score, bracket seeding

VOTE: WYSA will allow tournament directors to conduct their tournaments as they see fit with the enclosed direction and guidance from WYSA.

Tournament directors are encouraged to establish a protest committee of 3 volunteer coaches at each gym to decide any disputes.

Awards and Tournaments will be subsidized by WYSA pursuant to the approved budget.