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Tournament Director's Meeting

By WYSA, 03/09/19, 8:15AM MST


Wyoming Tournament Management

WYSA hosted the  2019 Tournament Directors Meeting on 3/10/19.  The following is pertinent to all those participating in Wyoming Tournaments.

Tournament Schedule


Site Director Instructions/Rules


  • Site directors sample instructions were provided.

  • 2 timeouts per set/team

  • U10 will adhere to the 5 serve rules.  Upon the team’s 5th point, the other team will receive serve.  The opposing team will never be awarded a point due to the 5 point rule.

  • Substituting players are tied to the position that they sub in for.  One player, other than libero, cannot sub in for more than one position per set.

  • Center line violation: USAV 11.2.2: Encroachment into the opponent’s court with any part(s) of the body is permitted, provided some part of the body remains either in contact with or directly above the center line, and there is no interference with opponents.  In addition, completely crossing the center line with the foot, feet, or hands, or encroachment with other body parts, must not present a safety hazard to opponents.

  • Line-up: The serving team’s first server is noted in position #1.  The serve receive team’s first server starts the set in position number #2.       


Tournament format and Scoring

  • For the 2019 season, WYSA will not take a stance on how tournaments are organized (1 day/ 2 day/ waves/ cross-over matches/  power/ ect.)

  • Pool and bracket scoring is decided per tournament by the tournament host, as advertised by the tournament host.





Age Waivers -


  • Age waivers are at the director's discretion, however WYSA urges no more than 2 per team. No more than one year.

  • No Age waivers at Grand Prix or Super Regional for the 2019 season.



  • Each tournament host is responsible for recording rankings with WYSA. Please submit your top 4 winning teams in the u12a, u14a, u16, and u18 to the WYSA Rankings system on the WYSA web page  Tournament hosts can consult the WYSA web page Ranking tab to better separate top performing teams during pool play.


  • Let’s all have a great, fun season, with our players best interest in mind.