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Coronavirus Update - 3/14/20

By Wyoming Volleyball, 03/14/20, 8:45AM MDT


Wyoming Volleyball Association Members - WYSA,


The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected us all severely.  We sympathize with all our volleyball members and appreciate the understanding.   From the state level, I also greatly sympathize with all the tournament directors that have organized dates, obtained gyms, collected money, paid money, and done all the tremendous amount of work it takes to get a tournament off the ground.  Those tournament directors are dealing with great challenges when cancelling events....something we have never had to do before.  


On Thursday, we faced the very difficult decision to canceling  the first tournament of the year, Riverton.  Ultimately our difficult decision was futile, as AAU suspended the licenses for all events for a three week period, however it also provided assurance that Wyoming was on the right track.


AAU National is overwhelmed with this issue, hence, Wyoming has had limited correspondence and we are seeking to provide the best answers to the Coronavirus issues.  We have also been in contact with neighboring state directors who are facing the same challenges and questions we are.


AAU National has issued the below statement:

The AAU is temporarily suspending all AAU events, for the next 3 weeks

March 12, 2020 (6:30 pm) -  In light of the ongoing developments as a result of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”),  the AAU is temporarily suspending all AAU events, for the next 3 weeks, effective immediately.  The AAU’s first priority is the safety and welfare of all of our athletes, coaches and families.  The AAU will continue to monitor the situation on a national, regional, state and local level.  We will keep all of our AAU members updated as the situation evolves.
What we know:
  • As it stands, only tournaments are suspended. Although they did not give a date, it would be assumed the April 4/April 5 tournament is a NOT suspended.  See further AAU advisories here.
  • The intent of suspending all large gathering events is to attempt to get ahead of a rapid spread of the decease, allowing time for healthcare to treat those that are sick and HOPE for/work to obtain an antivirus.  Coronavirus has seen a spread of 13 fold for every two week period, with these measures in place to slow that spread.
  • AAU is following government advisories and is in step with all other public gathering events.
  • When tournaments resume, cautions should be used.  No person should attend a tournament if they are feeling Coronavirus symptoms, hand washing should be often, physical contact should be avoided when possible, elderly should use the greatest caution when considering attendance.
  • Practices can continue, for the time, and with all the preventive cautions prescribed.
  • Wyoming has two confirmed Coronavirus cases, but neighboring Colorado has seen the daily progress of known cases from 12 to 33 to 48 to 77 known cases, starting just this week. 

What we don't know:

  • How long will the virus continue?
  • Will there be further suspension?
  • Can we petition AAU National IF Wyoming cases are plateaued?  (I am told possibly)
  • Refunds?
  • Can volleyball clubs/teams garner any small business financial assistance from the declared state of emergency?

Finally, WYSA/Wyoming Volleyball will attempt to provide the most up to date information on the following pages:

Wyoming Volleyball - WYSA Web Page