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2019 Wyoming Season Information

By WYSA, 12/02/18, 12:15PM MST


Check back for updates to this news article

WYSA has held the initial meeting for the 2019 Season.  The follow is the highlights of the meeting:

The state collects a membership fee from teams within Wyoming to register with AAU and aid in the administration of the WYSA organization.

The WYSA fee will be $50 per team for 2019.

Direction of WYSA funds: It is the intention of the state to launch a new Web Page and automate the registration process on a SportsEngine WYSA Web Page.  Completing the online form will allow immediate WYSA registration of teams and facilitate registration into tournaments during the season.

Teams will not be able to register for Wyoming WSYA Sanctioned tournaments until registered, paid the $50 registration fee, and receive a WYSA registration number.

WYSA is able to provide practice insurance coverage for up to 200 gyms at once as a benefit of our membership. Each gym used for practice, to hold tryouts, host clinics, ect, should be on the list. Adding gyms 30 days or less out from an event will result in higher fees being assessed. Each club will need to verify their gyms on the state list immediately.

The State fees pay the National AAU Club Level 3 fee which allows WYSA to sanction tournaments, obtain gym insurance cheaper than if clubs went out on their own (with added benefit for those hosting tournaments), provides a 501(c)(3) designation for fundraising,  etc. All information on the club levels and benefits can be viewed on the National AAU website at  


The Wyoming Tournament Schedule was discussed (Linked Here).

For the 2019 season, it was voted the tournament fee will be $90 for all tournaments except; $150 for Grand Prix and $150 for Super Regional. 

Work is underway to allow registrations, if desired by the tournament director, through SportsEngine.  


Wyoming Rules - AAU/USAV Rules

Every player and coach must have an AAU card/number from the National AAU to play.

It was decided by unanimous vote that since we’re a part of the AAU organization, we will follow all AAU/USAV rules set forth on the National AAU website. Rules can be found at

Age Waivers:

Per AAU/USAV rules, there will be NO age waivers for any Grand Prix or Super Regional Event.  The no age waiver will apply to both A and B Divisions.

Age waiver requests may be made to the tournament directors of other-than Grand Prix and Super Regional Tournaments.  All age waivers will be filed with WYSA. Tournament directors can follow the National AAU guidelines and the tournament directors have discretion to accept or deny age waivers.

Per AAU/USAV rules, if a team has less than 6 players, the ghost player rules goes into effect.  Teams must stay in rotation and suffer side out serves for their ghost players. *Must have 6 players on the court to start a Grand Prix or Super Regional qualifying game.

All coaches must take the AAU Positive Coaches Alliance coaching clinic online and have their certificate with them at tournaments.  

U10 age group:  U10’s will be allowed the prescribed step-in. There will be an imposed 5 serve rule (one player may serve for 5 consecutive points, once they have served 5 consecutive times, earning 5 points, there will be a side out to the opposing team.

No point will be awarded to the opposing team upon the serving team’s fifth point sideout.


State Director and State Board

Suzie Koehn officially offered her resignation as Director of WYSA/Wyoming AAU Volleyball.

Ryan Cox was elected as the new Director of WYSA/Wyoming AAU Volleyball.

The following board members, in addition to the director, will serve for the 2018/2019 season:

Sandee Lewis, Riverton

Caryn Young, Casper

Laura Moore, Douglas


State WYSA Website

By vote, WYSA has agreed to transition to a SportsEngine web page. A new web page will provide more interactivity and communication.  Transitioning to the SportsEngine platform will be more in-line with many of the volleyball clubs in the state.


How to Renew/Add AAU Memberships:

Go to

Log in-      Username: WYSA

        Password: Volleyball2019


Click on renew/add memberships - Follow directions

Associate your players to WYSA club code: WY8TAY


Print your teams AAU cards and be prepared to present them at all tournaments.

Have a Great 2019 Volleyball Season!!!